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Due to funding problems work on P1639 has been halted. Many thanks to all who helped.


    IEEE P1639 is an Ethernet based protocol wrapper allowing the transmission and reception of MIDI data within a LAN environment.

    The goal is to allow low-cost embedded hardware and any PC, be it Linux, Mac or Windows, to transmit and receive MIDI data over Local Area Networks.

    For musicians who remember the benefits of the introduction of MIDI with interoperability between different musical instruments, the protocol is aiming for the same level of integration with PC platforms, sequencers, editors and other software and hardware.



    OSX clients-0.4: An updated set of TX and RX clients for OSX are now available. Download the dmd image here.

    New Homepage: IEEE P1639 moves to a new homepage, please update your bookmarks to: http://www.plus24.com/ieee1639.

    An updated Linux dmidid is now available. This version adds small frame handling and is not compatible with older versions. This is the main reference application for RC1 of the IEEE protocol.

    DPromix01 is a control application for the Yamaha Promix01. This release is alpha quality and is for testing.



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